Exploring Carolina Forest, South Carolina 29579, USA

Exploring Carolina Forest, South Carolina 29579, USA

Carolina Forest, located in South Carolina 29579, is a thriving community situated just a few miles inland from the beautiful beaches of Myrtle Beach. This growing area offers a mix of residential, commercial, and natural attractions, making it a popular destination for residents and tourists. Learn more here.

Location and Geography

Carolina Forest is located in Horry County, South Carolina. Its zip code, 29579, covers a diverse area encompassing approximately 25 square miles. The community is known for its lush green landscapes, with numerous ponds, lakes, and pockets of preserved natural beauty. Learn more about Briarcliffe Acres: A Secluded Gem in South Carolina, USA.


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Residential Appeal

Carolina Forest is predominantly a residential area, offering many housing options. It caters to a diverse population, from family-friendly neighborhoods to gated communities and apartment complexes. Many residents are drawn to the area for its proximity to the beach, excellent school systems, and affordable cost of living.


The community boasts several top-notch schools, including Carolina Forest High School and Ocean Bay Middle School, part of the Horry County School District. These schools provide quality education to local students, making it an attractive place for families with children.

Amenities and Recreation

Carolina Forest provides residents with access to an array of amenities. The Carolina Forest Recreation Center offers fitness facilities, sports fields, and community events. For shopping and dining, residents can visit the Carolina Forest Town Centre, which hosts a variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.

Natural Beauty

One of the highlights of Carolina Forest is its natural beauty. The community has several parks and conservation areas, such as the Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve, where residents can enjoy hiking and wildlife observation.


Carolina Forest, South Carolina 29579, offers a harmonious blend of residential living, education, and recreational opportunities. Its proximity to Myrtle Beach and its natural beauty make it an attractive destination for residents and visitors.

Whether you seek a family-friendly neighborhood, educational opportunities, or access to nature, Carolina Forest has something to offer for everyone. This thriving community continues to grow and evolve, making it a desirable place to call home.

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