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Explore Myrtle Beach’s premier private fishing charters With Low Country Fishing Our experienced USCG-licensed captains, like Keith Logan, David Cutler, Steve Fennell, and Chris Dawson, bring over 40 years of local expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, join us for an unforgettable deep-sea fishing adventure in the captivating waters of Myrtle Beach.

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Low Country Fishing Charters is the top rated private fishing charter in Myrtle Beach. We have the best team of captains and a fleet of 5 top-notch fishing boats to choose from.

Our mission is to make sure you have an enjoyable, safe, fun and action-package fishing experience! Whether you’re seeking deep sea thrills, nighttime shark encounters, or a relaxing river fishing excursion, we’ve got you covered. Our boats are docked in the Myrtle Beach area, giving easy access to the abundant fish and breathtaking coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and surrounding areas.

Join us for an unforgettable experience of deep sea fishing, shark fishing, or stay close to shore with inshore, inland and black water fishing charters. If you are looking for an experienced private charter boat for up to 6 people, we can book you on any of Low Country Fishing Charters’ fleets. Rates vary depending on the size of the boat. Please call for more information and availability.

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Our Fishing Charter Services


Inshore Fishing Charters

Explore calm bays and beaches teeming with redfish, flounder, and sea trout. Perfect for families and fishing novices!


Gulf Stream Charters

Venture offshore to the nutrient-rich Gulf Stream, where mahi-mahi, tuna, and marlin await! Learn More.

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Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Head out to deeper waters to reel in prized fish like grouper and snapper. Book your spot online.

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Shark Fishing Charters

Get your adrenaline pumping as you battle legendary predators like sharks! Our seasoned captains are here to guide you.


Nearshore Fishing Charters

Enjoy the calmness of nearshore fishing while hunting larger catches found slightly further out. Read more.

Unforgettable fishing in Myrtle Beach

Sick of the same old Myrtle Beach vacation routine? Low Country Fishing Charters offers epic fishing adventures you won’t forget!

Want to cast a line in calm, inshore waters teeming with feisty fish? Done! Craving a deep-sea battle with a monster marlin? Let’s go!

We have got charters for families, shark seekers and everyone in between. Our captains have 40+ years of experience and will guide you to the best spots, making memories (and maybe catching a trophy) the whole way.

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Gear Up For Fishing

At Low Country Fishing Charters, we want you to enjoy the thrill of catching fish without worrying about equipment. Your charter is fully equipped for a successful and fun day on the water.

Each piece of gear is carefully inspected, properly rigged, and ready for action. You can trust that you’re equipped with the best tools available to tackle the challenges of deep-sea fishing in Myrtle Beach.

Our equipment roster includes:

Let’s make your fishing excursion an unforgettable adventure.

Explore Myrtle Beach Waters with Low Country Fishing Charters

Looking for an unforgettable Myrtle Beach experience? Look no further than Low Country Fishing Charters. We offer the perfect adventure for anglers of all skill levels.
What Provided
What to Bring

Remember, all you need to bring is a sense of adventure, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat!

Book your charter today and let the real fun begin!


Targeted Species

You can expect to encounter a diverse range of species such as Red Drum (Redfish, Spotted Seatrout (Speckled Trout), Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Bluefish Barracuda, King Mackerel, Cobia, Amberjacks, and Mahi Mahi, among others. Call us and ask us about the species you’d like to experience
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Family Friendly Fishing Charters for All Ages

Fishing with family and friends creates amazing memories!

At Low Country Fishing Charters, we love taking kids fishing! Whether it’s their first time or they’re experienced, we’ll introduce children to the fun of fishing. Safety is our top priority, so we’ll also teach your kids about the fish we catch and how to respect the water and environment.

Book a trip today and let's get your kids out on the water for an unforgettable adventure!
Why Choose Us?

Best Local Fishing Charters in Myrtle Beach, SC

Our captains aren’t just boat operators – they’re licensed and seasoned anglers with a deep understanding of Myrtle Beach waters, ensuring a safe and legal adventure.
Your well-being is our priority. Our captains prioritize safe practices and are CPR/first-aid certified. We go the extra mile to ensure you have fun.
Low Country Fishing Charters offers family-friendly trips catering to all skill levels, even kids. Kids are welcome on short inshore charters targeting redfish, trout, and more. Our experienced captains provide friendly guidance, ensuring everyone enjoys the trip, even kids.
We cater to a range of budgets and preferences. Prices typically vary based on the duration of the trip, type of fishing and the number of people on board.

Private Fishing Charter Myrtle – Book the best deep sea fishing charter in Myrtle Beach, SC and join us aboard one of our 45 to 65 foot Fishing Boats.

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Our Boats

At Low Country Fishing Charters, we’ve designed and equipped our fishing charter boats to ensure you have the best opportunity to reel in the big catch and enjoy an incredible day out on the water! Our fleets are safe, reliable, comfortable, modern, and speedy.

Our Clients Says

Alex Compean
Alex Compean
My family and I had a great experience! We caught a lot of fish and Capt Keith was very knowledgeable. We will definitely book again for our next vacation!
Sandy Smith
Sandy Smith
Im late to leave this review, but our last trip to SC was amazing thanks to Captain Keith over at Low Country Fishing Charters. We’ve been coming to SC for the last two years and this is our first time with this charter and it won’t be our last. Keith was fun, friendly, and super knowledgable. Will definitely be coming back here this year.
Adam Babcock
Adam Babcock
Weather wasn't great but Keith was still able to get a few fish for my 7 year old daughter to catch and we also saw some dolphins that she really liked. I would recommend caption Keith to anyone that wanted to have good time even if fishing was slow
Jonathan and Rachael Carter
Jonathan and Rachael Carter
We won 2 free tickets and paid for our children to experience this as a family. We had a blast. We have been back 4 times. Highly recommended!
Ronnie Tucker
Ronnie Tucker
Where do we fish?

Explore the Best Fishing Spots in Myrtle Beach, SC!

At Low Country Fishing Charters, we’re all about discovering the excitement of fishing in the beautiful blue waters off the coast of Myrtle Beach, SC. Let us be your guide to this thrilling experience!

Myrtle Beach is where we call home, offering fantastic fishing opportunities all year long. It’s famous for its diverse marine life, making it perfect for not just sailfish lovers, but also fans of various pelagic species. Just a short trip from our inlet, you’ll find swordfish, mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, and king mackerel ready for your line.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Myrtle Beach is also a great spot for catching snapper, cobia, and amberjack, making it ideal for anglers of all levels. Whether you’re new to fishing or a seasoned pro, our waters have something special for everyone.

Don’t miss out on this amazing fishing experience. Book your Myrtle Beach, SC fishing charter with us today, and let’s embark on a memorable adventure together!

Top sights

Old Baldy Lighthouse and Smith Island Museum

Bald Head Island Conservancy

Bald Head Island Club

Island Retreat Spa & Salon

Bald Head Island Chapel

Coastal Urge

Charter FAQsFishing

Low Country Fishing Charters offers various fishing charter adventures in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We offer deep sea fishing, offshore fishing, inland fishing, inshore fishing, backwater fishing, gulf stream fishing, shark fishing and dolphin watch eco-tours. Available in both full-day and half day trips. Book now and experience the thrill of fishing in Myrtle Beach, SC.
We offer charters trips targeting Inshore fishing in South Carolina offers a diverse range of species for anglers such as: Red Drum (Redfish, Spotted Seatrout (Speckled Trout), Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Bluefish. Contact us today to book your private charter.
You can bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and comfortable clothing are essential, food and drinks. Oh, don’t forget to bring a smile and good vibes.

It depends on what interests you more. There are many types of Myrtle Beach fishing charters to choose from, all of which are fun and adventures depending on your preferred style of fishing. Give us a call if you need help choosing. 

Low Country Fishing Charters offers it all from deep sea to inland fishing and from beginners to experts. All of our Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters are private as well as family and kid friendly.

We offer saltwater fishing charters such as deep sea fishing, shark fishing, inshore fishing, nearshore fishing. These types of Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters are coastal. 

We also provide freshwater inland fishing which targets a variety of fish species such as red drum (redfish), black drum, flounder, and speckled sea trout in the diverse ecosystem of Myrtle Beach's inland waters.

Give us a call today!

Certainly! We've covered you with all the equipment for your fishing adventure. From rods and reels to bait and tackle, we ensure you have everything you need to make the most of your time on the water. Call us now or schedule your next adventure online.
Our boat is located at _______________ and ____________, situated at [Address ________]. Conveniently positioned just 2 miles from [nearest major town/ or airpoor ], we're easily accessible from [......], and the surrounding areas. Call us for more info about lodging and accommodations while staying and fishing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
While the maximum number of passengers is 12, the boat is most suited for fishing with 1 – 6 anglers. Reach out to us for further information.
Nope! All required fishing licenses are provided by the Low Country Fishing Charters.
Of course! Any fish that we can legally keep and you want to eat can be kept. We do encourage catch and release fishing when our fish box is filling up and we have enough for you to take home. Once back at the dock, we'll clean and bag your catch for you. Just remember to bring a cooler in your car to transport your fresh fish home.
Absolutely! Our family-friendly charters are perfect for anglers of all ages and skill levels.


Have questions about our fishing trips? Check out these commonly asked questions to find the answers you’re looking for. If you have any additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to our team.

Our fishing guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fishing areas. They have years of experience and are passionate about fishing. They will provide guidance, assistance, and share valuable tips to enhance your fishing experience.

We offer a variety of fishing charters, including deep sea fishing, inshore fishing, shark fishing, and private charters.

You are welcome to bring your own fishing gear if you prefer. However, we also provide high-quality fishing equipment and gear for our fishing trips. Our gear is well-maintained and suitable for various fishing techniques and species.

Yes, children are allowed on our fishing trips. Fishing can be a great outdoor activity for the whole family to enjoy. However, we recommend considering the age and capabilities of the child, as some trips may have age restrictions or require parental supervision.

The duration of our fishing trips may vary depending on the type of trip and package you choose. We offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day fishing trips. The specific duration will be mentioned in the trip details when you make a reservation.

We use top-quality Penn fishing equipment for all our charters. We specialize in light tackle fishing to enhance the fishing experience.

Our fishing charters primarily operate in the Myrtle Beach area, including locations such as Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, and North Myrtle Beach.

The fish species you can encounter vary depending on the charter type and location. Common catches include redfish, trout, flounder, snapper, grouper, and various species of sharks.

Yes, all necessary fishing licenses and permits are included in the charter price. You don’t need to worry about obtaining them separately.

Our fishing charters stand out due to our experienced captains, personalized service, family-friendly atmosphere, and a deep understanding of the local waters. We strive to provide exceptional fishing experiences and prioritize customer satisfaction.